Working Hard At The Homefront

Hello Friends!

So we got snow the other day, around a month early. As I write this in the cool of the day, it is a toasty 80 F here in Widefield/Security, Colorado. They say if you do not like the weather, wait 15 minutes.

I wonder why the snow didn’t stick there.

In anticipation for the winter, I have already scheduled for my sprinklers to get blown out. My experience with sprinklers is that you can’t be too cautious. I am already on a waiting list and probably should have called sooner.

I have been finding a lot of amusement out of my ducks this year. Earlier in the season, I started putting coffee cans in the low spots where the duckys dig on the mud. These little catchbasins get bigger as they dig around. When it rains It accumulates puddles of water for them.

Note the red coffee can.. Or just enjoy a puddle on the semi arid

It did not take me too long to become tired of these in my yard so I backfilled and focused on what grown boys and Khaki Campbell ducks long for… A big mud puddle.

My duckys are in a row

Since that photo, they have dug the edges looking for worms, grubs and other ducky delicacy and it has grown considerably from it’s humble beginnings. For those of you concerned, they get fresh water daily.

Next month, they will be ready to lay! I may not get results until spring, but we will see.

The ducks seemingly eat nothing that I feed them. I wonder if these excellent foragers are what is causing a mass extinction of insects.

An insect free yard beats a duck free yard any day. This is the first year that I have not lost any birds to unrestrained dogs. Good fences make good neighbors.

I am on a lick your face basis with Ozzy, also known as brown dog.

The geese now, they eat about a pound of food a day between the two of them. I planted a plot of wheat to cut my costs over winter. We will see how it goes. I made deep furrows as we live in a dry area.

Well folks, I had to work today both here and with the incarcerated. Tomorrow is coming way too soon. Have a beautiful and blessed day!