Identifying Narcissistic Triangulation | Dr. Eric Perry

Social triangle
The narcissist will use triangulation to pit one friend against another. For instance, he will tell the target that another friend does not like them and is saying horrible things about them. They may also tell the target that his other friend is so beautiful and special and then say something like “Don’t you wish you were like her?” By keeping the targeted friend feeling insecure and unworthy of the friendship, the narcissist will have a steady supply of narcissistic supply as the insecure friend tries desperately to prove they are worthy of the friendship.

Many individuals who are experiencing narcissistic triangulation are not aware of what is going on. Their relationship with the narcissist has made them insecure, unstable and doubting themselves. The narcissist gets their power from triangulation by pitting individuals against each other and watching the show unfold. In order for this to work they must keep people apart so they will not communicate with each other. Using their manipulation, the narcissist places themselves at the pinnacle point of all communication. It is important to remember that with awareness comes strength. In order to block the narcissist, we must first identify them and their tactics. Once you learn to spot the narcissist you can take what the narcissist says and throw it out the window.

Source: Identifying Narcissistic Triangulation | Dr. Eric Perry