Our bodies natural balance lives in how effective our bodies natural resource work so more we break our body more broken we become in ourselves overtime.


There is reason why a car interior is concealed our human body may be weather proof but our human body is not contamination proof..

Our human body won’t allow us to contaminate our body all our lives and allow us to get away with it scot free contamination catches up with us and our human body starts the ball rolling for our fall our self decline..

In which gradually fazes our bodies inner deficit in little by little until the deficit eventually takes over and over power’s our human body..

Our bodies self decline forces natural resource to struggle and suffer suppression then our bodies resources become over active under active..

Our human body simply tries to compensate for all the unnatural things we do, unnatural suppresses our body and time alters the way our bodies natural resources work and operate efficiently in time..

Until our body has no choice…

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