Abducted Kolesnikova ‘told she was leaving Belarus dead or alive’ | Euronews

Maria Kolesnikova said in a formal complaint released by her lawyer that she was threatened agents of Belarus' state security committee.

“These people threatened to take my life, which I perceived as real,” wrote Kolesnikova.

“In particular, it was stated that if I did not leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus voluntarily, I would still be taken away: alive or in parts.”

“There were also threats to deprive me of my liberty for up to 25 years, to cause me problems in places of detention, in places of deprivation of liberty, which I also perceived as real.”

Kolesnikova claims that when she did not consent to the authorities and that she was kept in a cell for one hour, the letter continues.

She also confirms the version of her supporters that, in order not to be forcibly expelled from the country, she tore up her passport.

“After the KGB officers realised that I would not leave Belarus voluntarily, they put a bag on my head, pushed me into a minibus, and took me to the [Aleksandrovka village], where they tried to use force against my will to expel me from the Republic of Belarus.”

“After I tore my passport, thus excluding entry into the territory of Ukraine, I was again put in a minibus and taken to the Mozyr border detachment, where I was until the evening of September 8, 2020.”

The letter also states that Kolesnikova was “warned about criminal liability for knowingly false denunciation”.

Source: Abducted Kolesnikova ‘told she was leaving Belarus dead or alive’ | Euronews