That Conflict With Iran

In Saner Thought

Since 1979 there has been someone pushing for an open conflict with Iran…..almost weekly there is an op-ed or a report from this group or that basically demanding that the US step up and go to war with Iran….mostly to help make Israel secure.

Some of these calling for action are true opponents of the regime in power in Tehran….and some are false and just trying to add fuel to the fires of misinformation….

The American Conservative has had an excellent article spotlighting this….

There is at least one more foreign policy opinion writer from the Mujahideen-eKhalq (MEK) whose existence is dubious, based on a study by a social media analyst and statements from a defector from the group. Amir Basiri, who contributed to Forbes 9 times, the Washington Examiner 52 times, OpenDemocracy, Algemeiner, and The Hill once also appears to be a fabrication.

The MEK is an…

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