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Most politicians make promises. Donald Trump issues threats. He continues to insist that the only way he can possibly lose the upcoming election on November 3rd is some sort of illegal and unfair shenanigans on the part of people willing to go to any lengths to thwart the will of the American people who overwhelmingly […]

It Is What It Is — Rcooley123’s Blog

Peace in the Time of Quarantine ~ Announcing Blog 4 Peace NOV 4, 2020

It’s time to announce the 2020 upcoming launch of Blog4Peace
Welcome to the 15th year of peace blogging!
Our 2020 theme is Peace in the Time of Quarantin

Wherever you find your peace during this time….
share it with others. It’s time to Blog4Peace. November 4th is the day.
papasmarblesmimilenoxblogblastforpeace.jBlue peace globe template for Nov 4

I still find my own peace in the sanctuary of silence, meditation, nature
 and prayer. Living in the days of a global pandemic calls for more and more of whatever brings you to the place you call peace. Where do you find yours?

Music can take me there. I love Natalie Grant’s honest emotional performances. Those strings That choir Recorded with The London Studio Orchestra earlier this year, I was shocked and inspired to see that one of the cellists looks exactly like my Papa, my grandfather, the marble-giver, the one who set my life on a path of discovering peace. Coincidence? Or is it a wink and a nod from Heaven….Papalways leaves me clues. I think this is no different.

  YOU are invited to join us on this inspiring day. People from all over the world will be right there with you. Write about your experiences during the coronavirus pandemic, create and fly a peace globe (like those found HERE) and post on social media, your blog, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you are online.   


We Blog 4 Peace November 4, 2020. Wherever you find your solace in this year of upside-down humanity, please prepare to share it with us. The world needs peace like never before. 

 Peace in the Time of Quarantine
What will your story be? 

 It’s a launch!  Dona nobis pacem in the blogosphere has begun.
Email if you have questions. 
Please join us!! 

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Saudi king tells Trump he wants a fair and permanent solution for Palestinians

Push back. Palestinians need their own state.


King Salman tells Trump his country wants an outcome based on 2002 Arab Peace Initiative

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has told Donald Trump that the kingdom is eager to achieve a fair and permanent solution to the Palestinian issue, which he said was the main starting point of the kingdom’s proposed Arab Peace Initiative, the state news agency reported.

The leaders spoke by phone following a historic US-brokered accord last month under which the United Arab Emirates agreed to become the third Arab state to normalise ties with Israel, after Egypt and Jordan.

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New York school district delays start of year after mass resignations, leaves of absence | TheHill

In a statement released Friday, the Williamsville Central School District said that students learning remotely or through hybrid models would see their school years delayed indefinitely. Those returning to in-person hybrid learning models would apparently see their classes start on Tuesday.

The statement blamed the decision on 90 school employees who requested sick leave absences due to COVID-19, as well as the resignations of more than 100 employees.


Source: New York school district delays start of year after mass resignations, leaves of absence | TheHill

Former Mentor Says Mark Zuckerberg Intoxicated by Power, Calls Disinformation ‘A National Security Issue’ – Slashdot

Roger McNamee: The company essentially believes that it is sovereign, the equivalent of another nation. It has nearly twice as many monthly active users as there are people in China. And so Mark Zuckerberg very much has the view that no one can tell him what to do… Facebook’s own research says that 64% of the time that a person joins an extremist network on Facebook, it is because Facebook has recommended that they do so…

People sit there and assume it’s about money, and I think money is secondary. I really think it’s about power. I think Mark Zuckerberg has a vision that connecting all the people in the world on one network — his network — is the best thing any human being can do. And in his notion it has to do with efficiency, it has to do with scale, it has to do with imposing his vision on it.

And that kind of power is intoxicating. 

Source: Former Mentor Says Mark Zuckerberg Intoxicated by Power, Calls Disinformation ‘A National Security Issue’ – Slashdot

Brexit: Johnson to override EU withdrawal agreement

Translation: Boorish Boris has no plan, no clue how to lead or to manage England or Brexit.


Move threatens to collapse talks that PM has said must be completed within weeks

Boris Johnson is drawing up legislation that will override the Brexit withdrawal agreement on Northern Ireland, a move that threatens the collapse of crunch talks which the prime minister has said must be completed within five weeks.

Johnson will put an ultimatum to negotiators this week, saying the UK and Europe must agree a post-Brexit trade deal by 15 October or Britain will walk away for good.

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