Big Ten Confirms No College Football After Trump Tweet

“On the one-yard line” infers that a major announcement is imminent. More specifically, the Big Ten’s decision to postpone its season until the spring was about to be reversed. That’s kind of a big goddamn deal that would require updated safety measures to be submitted and approved by the same conference presidents and chancellors who just said, “HELLLLLLLL NAH” to having a season on August 11—not even a month ago.

So yes, Trump is lying—again—and on Wednesday, an anonymous source did everything short of calling this lying-ass liar a lying-ass liar.

From ESPN:

“Nothing has changed,” a Big Ten source told ESPN. “Nothing. We have to get all the medical questions answered before we can even bring back a plan to the presidents for approval.”

To add insult to injury, Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos squashed a rumor that the Big Ten was looking to restart in October if the newly unveiled, 15-minute saliva-based COVID-19 tests could facilitate a safer football environment.

“Nothing to that rumor,” Moos told the World-Herald.


Source: Big Ten Confirms No College Football After Trump Tweet