So sad… humans can and should do better…


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An old man
Lying in front of me;
One foot in the grave
As we could see.
Crying and begging
To save his life,
There they were‐
His son and wife!

A delicate situation
But couldn’t be unheeded.
To fulfill my duty,
I proceeded.
We tried and tried,
As much as we could!
A living body in an instant
Lying like a block of wood.

Suddenly, people started
Throwing stones at me;
Made me believe
How cruel humans can be!
These young hands and feet
Were getting tired;
The character inside me
Almost died!

I rued the day
I chose to be a doctor!
All of a sudden
I remembered my daughter:
Waiting for me
To breastfeed her;
But all I saw was
Haze and blur!

The byname of a murderer
Began to rain!
Head was bleeding,
And heart in so much pain.
All the hard…

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