Boris left flailing as PM’s limitations become clear for all to see


Rather than being seen as the man with the winning touch, many Tories are waking up to the fact that PM may be a liability

Boris Johnson’s complete lack of shame has long been one of his defining narcissistic traits. His willingness to betray family, friends and colleagues for short-term personal gain is common knowledge. In much the same way, his lack of competence – his inability to grasp basic details – has also been priced in to the equation as no one on the Tory benches much cared. It was just Boris being Boris.

But something has changed over the course of the summer. Johnson is no longer seen as a man with the winning touch. Quite the reverse in fact. Many Conservatives are slowly waking up to the fact that he may be a liability. Many prime ministers have discovered that being in the top job requires a different skill and mindset to that of getting the top job.

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