The Passing of Chadwick Boseman

My Soul In A Piece Of Paper

2020 has been a really brutal year, it’s been one death after the other. My heart is so heavy today, I woke to such terrible news of the passing of “Black Panther”. Apparently he was the “ONLY CHOICE” for that character and I agree… He was indeed a black panther!

Honestly, I really loved this guy. Obviously I didn’t know him personally but there was something about him, so genuine and amazing. He did not just potray the character of a black superhero; he lived it! He had an impact on black people and he reminded them of “purpose”. He was a role model to many, especially those in the entertainment industry.

He was really talented and I salute him for shooting so many movies while battling with colon cancer, including the famous Black Panther and 21 Bridges.

He battled with colon cancer for 4 years yet he kept it…

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