‘We’ve all had enough’: Kenosha in anguish over Jacob Blake shooting | US news | The Guardian

“The bubble had to eventually pop and it did. Our community moved on from asking for help to demanding it. But in the meantime, we’re going to take care of ourselves. Sadly, we have to be the ones to do it, but this is what happens when people ignore the needs of a large part of our country,” said Tom Judt, a Kenosha native, as he helped clear up.

He added: “The destruction is going to hit us hard economically, but it’s awesome to see everyone working their butt off in the heat to support each other.”

Runnels says the last few days have been especially traumatic because when reports of a Black man shot by the Kenosha police reached social media, members of his family flooded his phone inbox thinking it was him.

“They were trying to make sure it wasn’t me. That’s a whole different feeling, I can’t explain it. And when I was finally able to get home and see what happened to [Jacob Blake] it was a lot to handle,” said Runnels.

For the Wisconsin state representative David Bowen, the goal is creating “the future that everyone deserves”, no matter their race or class.

“Jacob Blake was a part of protecting and serving his community by breaking up that fight. But, the police still came in and violently removed him from the situation because they have the power to uphold a system that thrives on removing Black bodies,” Bowen said on Wednesday.

Back on her porch, Edwards said: “It’s time for the people in power to put human lives and the needs of the community first.”

She added: “We’ve all had enough. Now we all just need to come together, help each other in whatever ways are needed and make sure our government actually supports us.”

Source: ‘We’ve all had enough’: Kenosha in anguish over Jacob Blake shooting | US news | The Guardian