Alleged Kenosha Shooter Fervently Supported ‘Blue Lives,’ Joined ‘Local Militia’


Despite wearing a full replica police uniform — complete with tie, bomber jacket and trooper hat — Kyle Rittenhouse looked a lot more like a Halloween trick-or-treater than an actual cop in the photo taken in 2017. After all, Rittenhouse was not even 15 years old when he posed for the picture that remained for years on the Facebook page of a “public safety cadet program” in Chicago’s far northern suburbs. And he still looked younger than his actual age this week when the now-17-year-old from Antioch, Ill., was arrested in connection with two fatal shootings in Kenosha, Wis. Police said two people were killed and another was injured in the shootings Tuesday during the third night of civil unrest sparked by a white police officer shooting a Black man repeatedly in the back. Antioch police took Rittenhouse into custody Wednesday, and he is being held in the Lake County, Ill., Hulse Juvenile Detention Center without bond, according to court records. He is wanted in Kenosha County for first