Schools Will Close Again

We love to cling to the belief that kids are generally low risk if they become infected or that younger children don’t spread it as much as older ones and adults, but because we shut down schools so early (as we should have), we don’t really know what happens when a large population of kids are potentially exposed all at once. And this virus hasn’t existed long enough for us to know the long-term consequences for someone who had even a mild case of it.

As careful as our schools try to be, as much as we remind our kids why masks are important, and as much as our teachers try to keep their distance and sanitize all the things while also, you know, teaching, this isn’t going to work.

So brace yourself now. If your district still plans to re-open in person, even on a hybrid schedule, and even with all the possible precautions in place: it’s temporary. Your school is going to close again, and it will be soon.


Source: Schools Will Close Again