2020 Voting Will Begin In August

Vote like the life of your community, state, country depends on your vote, because it does!

In Saner Thought

We are closer than you might think to the general election…..and with all the pandemic/protests the media has pretty much ignored the election….so IST has decided to help out when we can…..

This Voters’ Calendar will stretch our civic attention span to make high-turnout elections a task that mere mortals can perform, not a superhuman feat that tests the endurance of even the most dedicated voters.

AUGUST is Check Your Registration month. Starting August 5 (90 days from November 3rd), it is federally illegal to make any new purges from the voter rolls. You can add registrations – you just can’t eliminate them. Therefore, starting August 5, check your registration on your Secretary of State or county election websites. (Many URLS can get you there: Vote411.org is a good place to start. Another is the U.S. Vote Foundation, which has contact information for every local election official. Engage directly with those who will be…

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