PolitiFact: Ron DeSantis falsely claims he was never asked about COVID-19 – Untrue!

“Well, I think now this is back in the news. I think people understand. Look, it was natural. It wasn’t much, I mean, I would do press events in May, I would never be asked about coronavirus,” DeSantis said June 26. “It was about all these other things. Now it’s something that they are (asking about).”

May 3: Reporters asked about applicants for unemployment, antibody testing and efforts to protect people in nursing homes as well as a prison outbreak.

May 8: A reporter asked a question about the phases of reopening in South Florida.

May 11: DeSantis faced questions about people awaiting unemployment checks and the state’s unemployment website. A reporter started to ask a question about one of the covid case models that the state was looking at and DeSantis interjected: “Has that been accurate so far? Have any of the models been accurate so far?”

May 13: DeSantis faced a couple of questions about cases in long-term facilities including if he had considered testing for all residents and staff and why Florida was not pursuing the White House recommendation to test everyone in nursing homes.

May 15: Reporters asked questions about unemployment as well as when bars would be allowed to reopen and vacation rentals could resume. A reporter also asked if parents should send their children to summer camp.

May 22: Reporters asked questions about lifting restrictions, the number of pending unemployment claims and if the state had a plan if COVID-19 spiked in the future.


Source: PolitiFact: Ron DeSantis falsely claims he was never asked about COVID-19