‘You’re going to find more cases’: Trump says he ordered slowdown in coronavirus testing

Absolute goof obsessed with trying to make himself look good. Let pandemic go on unchecked so he looks “good” to himself.


Donald Trump says he ordered authorities to slow down the rate of coronavirus testing because it was adding to the number of infections being recorded.

Trump Rally Live Updates: President Resumes Campaign, But Crowd Is Sparse – The New York Times

Saturday afternoon brought an inauspicious start to that effort, when his campaign said that six staff members who were working on the event had tested positive for the virus during routine screening.

Masks were being handed out as supporters filed into a designated area at the arena Saturday afternoon, but wearing them was not enforced. Some people threw masks out immediately after they received them.


Pandemic News That Never Made The News

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The weekend and time for the IST ‘famous’ FYI posts……

The updated count…. bad news is….Cases– 2.2 million  Deaths–119,000

Now for the news that never really made the news with everything that is happening by the moment…but some stuff I feel you need to know….

First, for you dog lovers……

The FDA has issued a warning for dog lovers……

The Food and Drug Administration has issued recommendations for pet owners during the coronavirus pandemic, encouraging social distancing practices for cats and dogs.

An FDA fact sheet from April 30 indicates that pets should not interact with people or other animals outside the immediate household. Cats should be kept indoors when possible, and dogs should be kept on a leash that can maintain at least six feet distance from other humans and animals.


This is some sad news for those of us that use a flush toilet…..

According to new…

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