Jeanine Pirro Allegedly Got Special Favors From Jared Kushner’s Wildly Incompetent Coronavirus Task Force

Jared Kushner, a limp, damp string bean of a man who delights in inserting himself into leadership situations where he ends up failing spectacularly, has in recent days been singing the praises of the Trump administration’s abysmal response to the covid-19 pandemic, declaring it a “great success story.” Perhaps he was thinking of his shadow coronavirus task force, which was charged in part with procuring enough medical supplies for our country’s medical facilities. Based on reporting from the Washington Post and the New York Times, we now know that his task force was not only wildly incompetent but riddled with cronyism, doling out special access and favors to esteemed allies like Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and Fox News host Jeanine Pirro. What a success.
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