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My Saturday begins with rain showers…..and much warmer temps…..now that I have that news update out of the way…..

There are a few things that I have noticed about the people that are anti-isolation……

Have you noticed the biggest MORONS have to carry their guns?  Like those in Michigan recently…..

Hundreds of people protesting strict lockdown measures in Michigan ignored state directives on social distancing—and instructions from protest organizers—and gathered in front of the Capitol building in Lansing Wednesday. They were among thousands of people who came from across the state to clog Lansing streets in what organizers called “Operation Gridlock,” the Guardian reports. The protest against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition. NPR reports that at least 200 people, some of them carrying rifles, got out of their vehicles to congregate around the building’s steps. The protesters, who were not wearing masks…

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Coronavirus Advice From Abroad: 7 Lessons America’s… — ProPublica

To help you and your aides think about this decision over the next few weeks, we’ve interviewed experts and frontline officials from Italy, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. While they differ on the details, their views formed a startlingly united consensus of what’s needed: Massive, ongoing testing to detect where the disease is spreading, a real-time ability to trace contacts of those infected and isolate them, a willingness of people to wear masks in crowded public spaces, reserves of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other equipment for hospital workers to handle any surge in cases, and reliable, easily administered blood tests to find out the number of people who have been infected. If they work well, such tests could eventually be used to identify people with immunity who could work at higher-risk jobs.

Source: Coronavirus Advice From Abroad: 7 Lessons America’s… — ProPublica

‘They seem very responsible to me’: Trump defends anti-lockdown protesters – video



The US president urged supporters to ‘liberate’ three states led by Democratic governors on Friday, apparently encouraging protests against stay-at-home restrictions. ‘These are people expressing their views,’ Trump said during his daily White House coronavirus briefing.

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Operation reopen America: are we about to witness a second historic failure of leadership from Trump?

Killer Klown


Without mass testing, contact tracing, and protective equipment for health workers – all in critically short supply – the president’s plan could be disastrous

On Thursday evening, Donald Trump took to the dais in the White House press briefing room and declared that he was leading America in a “historic battle against the invisible enemy” that amounted to the “greatest national mobilisation since world war two”.

Warming to his theme, the US president said the country was now ready to move to the next phase in the war against coronavirus. It was time, he said, “to open up. America wants to be open, and Americans want to be open”.

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Thousands of Americans backed by rightwing donors gear up for protests | US news | The Guardian – willing to kill and kill more – sedition.

The two groups behind the “operation gridlock” rally in Michigan on Wednesday have ties to the Republican party and the Trump administration. The Michigan Freedom Fund, which said it was a co-host of the rally, has received more than $500,000 from the DeVos family, regular donors to rightwing groups. The other host, the Michigan Conservative Coalition, was founded by Matt Maddock, now a Republican member of the state house of representatives. The MCC also operates under the name Michigan Trump Republicans, and in January held an event featuring several members of the Trump campaign.

Source: Thousands of Americans backed by rightwing donors gear up for protests | US news | The Guardian

Unverified antibody tests ‘risk increasing coronavirus infections’


UK’s test coordinator issues warning as WHO urges caution over immunity

Unapproved antibody tests could increase people’s risk of becoming infected with coronavirus, the UK’s national testing coordinator has warned.

Countries around the globe are scrambling to develop reliable antibody tests that can detect if people have had the virus and may be immune, in the hope that this might allow for a loosening of lockdown restrictions – so far without success.

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Federalism has become another casualty of Trump and the coronavirus | Andrew Gawthorpe | Opinion | The Guardian

The particular way that Trump exercises power has also contributed to the reaction of governors from both parties. Trump has made clear that he will dole out federal largesse according to political loyalty, even preventing Colorado’s Democratic-led government from purchasing ventilators on the open market and later sending a hundred units “at the request” of the state’s Republican senator, who is facing a tough re-election battle. The message is clear: Democratic governors need to help themselves, because Trump sure won’t. And Republican governors need to stick close to a president who sees himself as his party’s feudal patron rather than the leader of the entire nation. The result has been an inversion of what the Founders intended, with some states slavishly following federal dictate in flagrant disregard of local needs, and others hung out to dry as a national crisis looms and Washington does little to shepherd a national response. Democratic governors cannot rely on the president to protect the lives of their citizens, and Republican governors find themselves acting more as the lackeys of a monarch than representatives of the interests of their states. Taken together, these de

Source: Federalism has become another casualty of Trump and the coronavirus | Andrew Gawthorpe | Opinion | The Guardian