France says EU recovery fund to be financed by joint debt – Reuters

European finance ministers have agreed to a post-crisis economic recovery plan opening the door to jointly issued debt, France’s finance minister said on Thursday, hailing what he described as a French success.
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Germany First (III) –

(Own report) – At the euro finance minister’s video conference the German government blocked the introduction of “coronabonds,” in spite of massive pressure from other EU nations and recently even from within Germany. Whereas mainly Italy, Spain and France had insisted that this measure be taken, voices are now being raised from within the German establishment warning that the German government should stop blocking its implementation. The reason, as leading Green Party politicians are explaining, is that should Italy and Spain suffer economic collapse, Germany’s export industry would be seriously damaged by the loss of these important markets, and – should German assistance be refused – both countries could turn to China. This must be prevented. The “coronabonds” will cost Germany, however, specialists estimated years ago that the costs would be in the lower double-digit billions, while Germany is simultaneously reaping triple-digit billions in profits – annually.
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UK’s Raab says he has not spoken to Johnson since taking over – Reuters

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not had any contact with his deputy, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, since he stepped in to fill Johnson’s role, Raab said on Thursday, adding that he has enough power to make key decisions without his boss.
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Boris not gonna like that