Trump says IG report finding hospital shortages is ‘just wrong’ | TheHill

President Trump on Monday claimed that an inspector general report finding “severe” shortages of supplies at hospitals to fight the novel coronavirus is “just wrong.”
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Wants to fire another Inspector Generals for reporting truth 🤬😡🥵

Coronavirus: Hong Kong shuts airport to foreigners indefinitely as cases rise to 914 | South China Morning Post

The city extends its ban on arrivals after most cases over past two weeks have come over overseas. Only six of 24 newly infected are local transmissions, but all are linked to entertainment venues already closed.
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Trump says he, others will be tested regularly – Reuters

President Donald Trump said on Monday that he and others, without specifying who, would be regularly tested for the coronavirus, a pandemic disease that has killed more than 10,000 Americans and throttled the U.S. economy.
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Testing easy for him but not most Americans 🤬

US blocks millions of N95 face masks headed for Canada | World news | The Guardian

US officials stop shipment at 3M factory after Trump invoked Defense Production Act to stop exports to Canada and beyond
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Our idiot President has no brains, morals, or even common sense. The paper to make the masks comes from…. you guessed it – Canada 😡

Donald Trump says US stockpiling anti-malarial drug for potential coronavirus use – ABC News

The United States buys 29 million doses of an anti-malarial drug which has shown anecdotal evidence of being effective against COVID-19, with the President saying people are dying and the country has nothing to lose by trying it.
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Wisconsin Governor Postpones Tuesday’s Elections; G.O.P. Plans Challenge – The New York Times

The state was set to hold in-person balloting for presidential primaries and many local races on Tuesday, but Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, issued an emergency order shutting down the voting.
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GOP in Wisconsin favors death over health and life 😡🤬🥵