Opinion | Covid-19 Brings Out All the Usual Zombies – The New York Times

The bottom line is that as with so many things Trump, the awfulness of the man in the White House isn’t the whole story behind terrible policy. Yes, he’s ignorant, incompetent, vindictive and utterly lacking in empathy. But his failures on pandemic policy owe as much to the nature of the movement he serves as they do to his personal inadequacies.

This Guy Says He Has 90 Million Masks—Just Pay Upfront – Gothamist

Would you believe a guy who says he has 90 million masks, but only if you have the money upfront?
— Read on gothamist.com/news/pssst-want-buy-90-million-protective-masks

Hope the Germans lock his butt up and Jordan confiscates the supply and uses it to support people who need the equipment!