White nationalist hate groups have grown 55% in Trump era, report finds


Southern Poverty Law Center warns of growing movement driven by ‘fear of demographic change’

White nationalist hate groups in the US have increased 55% throughout the Trump era, according to a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and a “surging” racist movement continues to be driven by “a deep fear of demographic change”.

Nationally, there were 155 such groups counted last year, and they were present in most states. These groups were counted separately from Ku Klux Klan groups, racist skinheads, Christian Identity groups, and neo-Confederate groups, all of which also express some version of white supremacist beliefs.

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Swedish Armed Forces offers Coronavirus support with field hospital


File photo of a Swedish Armed Forces field hospital

Lyssna: Swedish Armed Forces offers Coronavirus support with field hospital

Sweden’s Armed Forces will build a field hospital in Uppsala in an effort to support the country’s healthcare with the battle against Coronavrius.

The field hospital will provide extra intensive care space for COVID-19 patients should they be necessary. The armed forces already provides Sweden’s Public Health Agency with support in dealing with the pandemic in the form of staff and materials.

Radio Sweden