Tennessee Republicans worry women will go on tampon-buying frenzy

A special kind of stupid and cruel.

During a three-day sales tax holiday, shoppers are allowed to buy computers and clothing tax-free, but not feminine products

Women can’t be trusted around tax-free tampons. If you cut the price of menstrual products they’re bound to go tampon-mad and buy boxes of the stuff, just for the hell of it. They’d line their walls with super-plus, they’d polish their floors with pads; it would be absolute bedlam.

That appears to be what Republicans in Tennessee think, anyway. On Tuesday GOP lawmakers pushed back against a proposal that would include sanitary products in Tennessee’s annual sales-tax holiday. The three-day event, held at the end of July, allows shoppers to buy items like computers and clothing without paying the usual 7% state sales tax.

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‘Will they take my kids away?’: the immigrants refusing food aid amid Trump crackdown

cruelty does not even come close. most vile form of racism.


The administration’s anti-immigrant agenda has made people fearful of accepting help they are legally entitled to

On a recent Tuesday morning, Patricia walked into the Salvation Army in Redwood City, a community south of San Francisco, because a friend told her they could help her feed her family without fear of reprisal from US immigration officials.

But Patricia, an undocumented migrant from Guatemala, whose last name the Guardian has agreed to withhold, still had questions.

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