We fear sharks, but humans are the real predators – photo essay


Greenpeace investigator Sophie Cooke spent a month at sea observing the hidden practices behind many of the deaths of 100 million sharks every year

On the end of a hook is a shark much larger than me. Its white belly gleams clean and sleek against the rusty hull of the ship as it is hauled out of the ocean, thrashing about trying to escape. They kill it by severing its spine with a knife.

For a generation, the film Jaws was the source of an irrational fear of sharks, which has probably made it harder for many to connect to their plight. People see it almost as a kill or be killed response. On the high seas, however, it’s clear who the real predators are.

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Mississippi: 13th inmate dies in less than a month amid crisis in prison system


  • Limarion Reaves, 28, collapsed and died at Kemper-Neshoba
  • Governor vows to close parts of troubled Parchman prison

Shortly after Mississippi’s newly elected governor vowed to close parts of the state’s most notorious prison, officials announced on Tuesday night that another inmate had died in the system – marking the 13th state prisoner death since late December.

Mississippi’s ageing and underfunded network of prisons has come under renewed scrutiny in recent weeks after a spate of unrest over the new year led to multiple stabbing deaths and a statewide lockdown.

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