Coronavirus vaccine — a race against time

We will always be a step behind, as nature will develop a new virus to deal with human endeavors that unbalance nature.
Develop the vaccine but figure out how to prevent the next one by examining how “industrialized” agriculture creates pandemics.


Researchers in China and the US are developing a vaccine for the new Coronavirus. If all goes well, they may run the first tests in three months. A vaccine would be available in the summer — at the very earliest.

Pacific Ocean’s rising acidity causes Dungeness crabs’ shells to dissolve


Acidity is making shells of crab larvae more vulnerable to predators and limiting effectiveness in supporting muscle growth

The Pacific Ocean is becoming so acidic it is starting to dissolve the shells of a key species of crab, according to a new US study.

Scientists found that the Dungeness crab, one of the most valuable species for recreational and commercial fisheries, is starting to weaken as its larvae are affected by rising ocean acidity.

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