Open Thread | Back to Healthcare

While you were watching the Impeachment Trial, stuff was happening in the area of healthcare:

BREAKING: Supreme Court sides with Trump in not hearing case to repeal entire ACA before election.

This is justice delayed. Case goes to same judge who decided to repeal ACA in the first place.

— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) January 21, 2020

I want you never to forget that the 2018 Elections SAVED the American Social Safety Net. Make no mistake about that…if the Democrats hadn’t of won, they would have been well on they way to gutting it to pay for the GOP Tax Scam.😠

Medicaid block grants are a scam. And, a way to try and CUT MEDICAID😠😠😠

NEW: Trump admin will announce its Medicaid block grants on Thursday at event billed “Transforming Medicaid: A New Opportunity for Better Health.”

— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) January 25, 2020

Once again….

How did you think that they were going to try and pay for the GOP Tax Scam?!?