Why a Joe Rogan Endorsement Could Boost (or Backfire on) Bernie Sanders – The New York Times

Mr. Rogan has also faced social media condemnation for a remark he made several years ago in which he compared going into a black neighborhood to see a movie with the movie itself, “Planet of the Apes.” “We get out, we’re giggling, ‘We’re going to go see Planet of the Apes.’ We walk into Planet of the Apes. We walked into Africa,” he said on his podcast in 2013. “We walked into the blackest neighborhood we could find,” Mr. Rogan continued, noting that he had said a “racist thing.”

Puerto Ricans protest as anger rises over unused emergency aid


Some have called for the governor’s resignation and protesters marched a guillotine to the residence where Vazquez lives

Hundreds protested in Puerto Rico on Thursday in a demonstration reminiscent of those that ousted the island’s former governor last year, as anger grows over emergency aid that until recently sat unused in a warehouse amid ongoing earthquakes.

Demonstraters gathered under the heavy rain at the governor’s mansion as they waved flags, banged on pots, with even carried a guillotine aloft, although it appeared to be purely symbolic.

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Pregnant and shackled: why inmates are still giving birth cuffed and bound


Despite a federal law that prohibits the shackling of expectant mothers, the 85% of incarcerated women who are in state prisons or county jails often remain at the mercy of guards

Seven months pregnant, hands cuffed and feet bound, Sophia Casias shuffled across the floor at the Bexar county adult detention center in San Antonio, Texas, on March 2017. A guard at stood in front of her, holding the chain connected to Casias’s handcuffs.

Casias couldn’t keep her balance though and crumpled on to the wet cement floor. She sobbed and felt as if she couldn’t breathe. She would later realize that she had felt the same way when multiple family members sexually assaulted her as a child.

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Jair Bolsonaro’s racist comment sparks outrage from indigenous groups | World news | The Guardian

In one of his weekly Facebook broadcasts on Thursday, Bolsonaro declared: “Indians are undoubtedly changing … They are increasingly becoming human beings just like us.” The comment – in line with previous anti-indigenous statements from Brazil’s leader – drew immediate condemnation from activists who view Bolsonaro as a historic threat. Sonia Guajajara, one of Brazil’s most prominent indigenous leaders, announced that her group, the Brazilian Indigenous People’s Association, would sue for the crime of racism.

Source: Jair Bolsonaro’s racist comment sparks outrage from indigenous groups | World news | The Guardian