What’s the joke? Mugged off Trump sulks his way through Nato summit | John Crace

US president ditches 70 years of Nato diplomacy and opts for some good old-fashioned name-calling

It’s war. The summit that was meant to celebrate Nato’s 70th anniversary as one of the greatest peacetime alliances in history ended in open hostility. Had it gone on for another day, nukes might have been fired. Donald Trump stomped off from the golf resort just outside Watford in a huff, cancelling his scheduled press conference. For the first time in living memory, the US president was lost for words – even the usual ones that mixed lies with unintelligibility.

There again, the writing had rather been on the wall long before the summit had even started. Having previously slagged off Nato at every opportunity, Trump had now become outraged that other countries were taking the US for granted and not paying their fair share. Emmanuel Macron had declared the organisation brain dead. President Erdoğan had started buying arms off the Russians.

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