Mystery sounds from storms could help predict tornadoes


Scientists narrow down causes of low-frequency rumbles emitted before twisters form

Mysterious rumbles that herald tornadoes could one day be used to predict when and where they will strike, according to researchers.

Storms emit sounds before tornadoes form, but the signals at less than 20Hz are below the limit for human hearing. What causes these rumbles has also been a conundrum.

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General election: Tony Blair says Tories and Labour both ‘peddling fantasies’ – live news

No one cares what he thinks anymore, so why quote or report him as if he is anyone?

A day after Boris Johnson launched Tory manifesto, Labour leader will announce big shift in housing plan

10.05am GMT

Blair is wrapping up now.

He says, whatever happens, Britain is a great country.

I’m clinging to optimism.

9.59am GMT

Q: Where is Labour facing the most difficulties?

Blair says it is probably in the seats with electorates seen as working class.

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