EU launches legal action after UK fails to nominate commission candidate


Taxpayers could face paying for large fine after Downing Street fails to put forward nominee

British taxpayers face paying out for a large fine after the EU launched a legal action against Boris Johnson’s government over his failure to abide by the law and nominate a candidate for the new European commission.

Despite knowing for weeks that the UK would remain in the EU beyond 31 October, when a new EU executive had been due to be in place, Downing Street failed to put someone forward to join the bloc’s 28-strong top team.

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Israel-Gaza truce breaks down | News | DW | 14.11.2019

Gaza health officials have put the death toll from Israeli strikes at 34 Palestinians, at least a third of whom are civilians. Among the dead are women and children. At least 111 Palestinians have been wounded. Read more: Violence in Gaza: How Netanyahu and Iran stand to profit Islamic Jihad militants fired nearly 450 rockets at Israel, 90% of which were intercepted by its Iron Dome defense system. No Israelis have died.

Source: Israel-Gaza truce breaks down | News | DW | 14.11.2019

The Tories rely on Russian money – that’s why they ignore Russian meddling | Chris Bryant


If the intelligence report on this matter is not made public, voters can only conclude the party has something to hide

• Chris Bryant is a former chair of the parliamentary group on Russia

Anyone who really wants to understand the government’s determination to suppress parliament’s intelligence and security committee report on Russia needs to go back to 2009. I was the Europe minister and my opposite number, Mark Francois, made it abundantly clear that a future Tory government intended to “normalise” relations with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. So when David Cameron arrived in Downing Street he wiped the slate clean. Russia was one of the world’s major fast-growing economies. We needed to do more trade with Putin and let bygones be bygones.

That required quite a lot of wilful amnesia by Conservative ministers. Alexander Litvinenko had been poisoned with polonium in the UK in 2006. All the evidence pointed to the Kremlin, but as then home secretary Theresa May stated quite openly, the reason she was blocking an inquiry into his murder was that it would harm diplomatic relations. Likewise, Sergei Magnitsky died in a Russian jail in 2009 after he discovered massive corruption by Kremlin officials while working for a British firm. But time and again when I asked Cameron and May whether they would bar anyone associated with his murder from entering the UK, they obfuscated and prevaricated.

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Majority of anti-vaxx ads on Facebook are funded by just two organizations


Study finds Robert F Kennedy Jr’s World Mercury Project and Larry Cook’s Stop Mandatory Vaccinations bought 54% of ads

The majority of Facebook ads spreading misinformation about vaccines are funded by two organizations run by well-known anti-vaccination activists, a new study in the journal Vaccine has found.

The World Mercury Project chaired by Robert F Kennedy Jr, and Stop Mandatory Vaccinations, a project of campaigner Larry Cook, bought 54% of the anti-vaccine ads shown on the platform during the study period.

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