Family suicides in Turkey speak of a society that has lost hope | Elif Shafak


With an economy deep in recession and democracy in tatters, human self-worth is also taken away

Fatih is known as one of the most conservative districts of Istanbul. Last week some people in the area saw a note attached to the door of a flat: “Beware! There’s cyanide inside. Call the police. Don’t enter.” Whoever wrote the note had clearly wanted to protect the neighbours from a toxic substance. When the police arrived they found four bodies – two men, two women, aged between 48 and 60. The dead were all from the same family, the Yetişkins, who had been residents of the neighbourhood for decades. The siblings had, according to friends, also lived in unemployment and penury – the wages of one sister, a music teacher, used to keep creditors at bay. Unable to find jobs to cover the family’s growing debts, they’d been battling depression and anxiety.

They were beautiful people. They did what they did because of poverty

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Neighbours meet to plot path out of Chile crisis amid exasperation at elite


Hundreds of town hall-style meetings – cabildos – are taking place to debate causes and solutions of the current unrest

In the dappled shade of Santiago’s Parque Almagro, hundreds of Chileans sat immersed in conversation, reflecting on the past, present and future of their country.

As strikes and protests continue across the country, tens of thousands of people have attended spontaneous town hall meetings to seek a way out of more than a month of sometimes violent political unrest.

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Trump contradicts aides and says troops in Syria ‘only for oil’ | US news | The Guardian

Following Trump’s earlier insistence that his administration was solely interested in “keeping” Syrian oil, the US military deployed mechanised military units to oil fields in the east of the country. However, seizing or benefiting from oil on a foreign territory, without permission from the sovereign authority, would be a violation of international law. Several US officials had sought to interpret the president’s remarks as the US meant to meaning that the denying Isis access to the oil. “Our mission is the enduring defeat of Isis,” the defence secretary, Mark Esper, told reporters on Wednesday, adding: “We’re going to have about 500 to 600-ish troops there, at the end of the day.” ‘Secure the oil’: Trump’s Syria strategy leaves Pentagon perplexed Read more “A way that we ensure the enduring defeat of Isis is deny them access to the oil fields because if they have access to the oil fields, they can generate revenue. If they can generate revenue, then they can pay fighters, they can buy arms, they can conduct operations,” Esper said. On the same day however, Trump repeated his intention that the US should take possession of the oil in the region. “We’re keeping the oil. We h

Source: Trump contradicts aides and says troops in Syria ‘only for oil’ | US news | The Guardian