Weinstein’s reappearance showed he has no shame. I had to call him out | Zoe Stuckless


There is still a sickening culture of silence and fear around Weinstein. This is how ‘dreammakers’ cling on to their power

• Zoe Stuckless is an actor and artist

I had one of the most surreal nights of my life a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine invited me to attend an event for emerging actors – a space to collaborate, network and support other artists doing the work we all have chosen to devote our lives to. We were promised an evening of exciting new work, raw and vulnerable comedy performances and “endless networking”. Instead, we were met with Hollywood’s most notorious alleged serial rapist, Harvey Weinstein. More daunting than that, though, was that we were met with a room full of artists who prioritised the comfort of a suspected abuser over the safety of the community they claimed to uplift.

As a smile stretched across his face all I could think of was the faces of the abusers I’ve encountered in my own life

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Settlers harvest 300 Palestinian-owned trees in the olive-picking season

PNN/ Nablus/

Israeli settlers on Sunday stole olives from the lands of Al-Sawiya village south of Nablus in the olive-picking season.

Settlement official in the northern West Bank, Ghassan Daghlas said farmers from the town of Al-Sawiya went to harvest olives in the Al-Tamla area, adjacent to the settlement of Rahalim, which was forcibly erected on citizens’ lands.  However, they discovered that the fruit of nearly 300 olive trees has been stolen.

He added that the settlers expelled the farmers from their land, despite the permit date set by the army allowing farmers to enter their own lands and pick their trees.

Video: Israeli police shooting unarmed Palestinian in the back for fun


A video has emerged of the Israeli police firing at an unarmed young Palestinian man as he was leaving the scene with his arms raised.

In the 26-second clip released by Israel Channel 13 News on Saturday evening, officers can be heard yelling at the Palestinian youth to leave the scene, which appears to be a tunnel road in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

Holding a backpack and ID card, the Palestinian man raises his hands and begins walking away from the area.Then, as the man makes his way down the tunnel, the officers yell at him to drop his hands.

He appears to not completely understand them, briefly turning around before complying with the order.

Watch the video 


A short time later, when the man appears to be a considerable distance from the police and still walking away, one of the officers opens fire, causing the young man to fall to the ground and call out in pain.

The female officer who fired the bullet was reportedly discharged from the police and returned to the military to complete her mandatory service.

The evidence includes text messages in which members of the unit boasted about the incident and the main suspect’s admission via text messages.

She also faces a charge of obstructing justice, since she allegedly asked her fellow police officers not to talk about the incident.

Israeli police said the incident had taken place roughly a year and a half ago and the officer was arrested on suspicion of shooting the Palestinian man “as a dubious form of entertainment.”

The event came to light during the investigation of a different incident, in which members of the Israeli police allegedly beat a Palestinian man for no reason.




How key Republicans inside Facebook are shifting its politics to the right

his politics and god is money – nothing more or less. no morals or ethics just money


Company has been accused of pro-Republican bias, in both policy and personnel, amid fears it could be broken up if a Democrat wins in 2020

Facebook has been accused of pro-Republican bias, in both policy and personnel, amid fears at the company that it could be broken up if a Democrat wins the White House next year.

Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg faced fierce criticism this week, first for including Breitbart – once described by former chairman Steve Bannon as a “platform for the ‘alt-right’” – in its list of trusted sources for Facebook News, then for refusing to ban or factcheck political advertising.

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