Block on GM rice ‘has cost millions of lives and led to child blindness’

shameless propaganda enriched rice has nothing to do with GM or not. GM risks massive crop failures and starvation.


Eco groups and global treaty blamed for delay in supply of vitamin-A enriched Golden Rice

Stifling international regulations have been blamed for delaying the approval of a food that could have helped save millions of lives this century. The claim is made in a new investigation of the controversy surrounding the development of Golden Rice by a team of international scientists.

Golden Rice is a form of normal white rice that has been genetically modified to provide vitamin A to counter blindness and other diseases in children in the developing world. It was developed two decades ago but is still struggling to gain approval in most nations.

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New York Jets release Kelechi Osemele after refusing to approve surgery

Jets brains clogged and need cleaning – you nuts!


  • Guard had surgery on torn labrum in right shoulder
  • Reports say Jets believe Osemele could play through injury

The New York Jets have released guard Kelechi Osemele a day after he had shoulder surgery without the team’s approval.

Saturday’s move is the latest chapter in what has become a contentious standoff between Osemele and the team. Osemele had surgery on Friday in Boston to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder. The Jets were made aware of Osemele’s plan to have surgery, but because he was not with the team and the surgery wasn’t approved, it was considered an “unexcused absence.” Sources told ESPN that the team believed Osemele could have played through the injury and had surgery at the end of the season.

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Tripoli, Light of the Revolution

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 11.17.58 PM

Translation by Elias Abou Jaoudeh of a Facebook status written by Elias Khoury. Original Arabic below.

It is called Al-Fayha’ because the smell of citrus and lemon engulfs you when you reach it.
It is also called the Tripoli of the Levant because it is the lung of the Levant and its sea.
An autocratic sectarian regime drowned it for 4 decades, and its rulers transformed it into the poorest city.
But starting the 17th of October, it returned to its people and it became the star of Lebanon whose light shines bringht.
And it found itself wearing the light of the revolution.
And its name became the Tripoli of Light.
Remember and don’t forget its new name, as its light envelops the Lebanese uprising, and it illuminates the whole coast.
Tripoli, the light of the revolution.
Salutations to its light and to its people who have lightened up their city with revolution and music and joy and love.

طرابلس النور

اسمها الفيحاء لأن رائحة زهر النارنج والليمون، تغمرك حين تصل إليها.

واسمها أيضا طرابلس الشام، لأنها رئة بلاد الشام وبحرها.

اغرقها النظام الطائفي الاستبداي بالظلام اربعة عقود، وحوّلها الزعماء الى المدينة الأكثر فقرا.

لكنها وابتداء من 17 تشرين عادت إلى شعبها، وصارت نجمة لبنان التي يشعّ ضؤوها.

ووجدت نفسها تلبس نور الثورة.

فصار اسمها طرابلس النور.

تذكروا ولا تنسوا اسمها الجديد، فنورها يغمر انتفاضة الشعب اللبناني، ويضيء الساحل كله.

طرابلس النور.

لنورها التحية، ولشعبها الذي أضاء مدينته بالثورة والموسيقى والفرح حبنا.


PrEP Deemed ‘Too Political’ for Instagram

Zuck is a jerk about everything these days. rtnnxshfphqy2wkkmknm.png

This week, Mark Zuckerberg spent the day sweating beneath his baby bangs as he defended his right to let political advertisers lie to voters on Facebook. However, there does seem to be a topic that Zuckerberg and company have declared too controversial for social media, and that topic is preventing HIV and AIDS.

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