Sea urchin population soars 10,000% in five years, devastating US coastline


Voracious purple urchins in waters of California and Oregon pose threat to kelp forests and risk upending delicate ecosystems

Tens of millions of voracious purple sea urchins that have already chomped their way through towering underwater kelp forests in California are spreading north to Oregon, sending the delicate marine ecosystem off the shore into such disarray that other critical species are starving to death.

A recent count found 350m purple sea urchins on one Oregon reef alone – more than a 10,000% increase since 2014. And in northern California, 90% of the giant bull kelp forests have been devoured by the urchins, perhaps never to return.

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White House to federal agencies: cancel New York Times and Washington Post subscriptions

Free press and First Amendment unwelcome by Trump and White House – no shame, morals, or ethics and rest of GOP says nothing!


Government staffers instructed not to renew newspaper subscriptions after Trump complained about unfair coverage

The White House has instructed federal agencies not to renew subscriptions for the New York Times and the Washington Post, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Days after Donald Trump mused about cancelling White House subscriptions for the two newspapers in a Fox News interview, his administration is now reportedly advising federal agencies to do the same.

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Mike Pence says NBA is ‘acting like a wholly owned subsidiary’ of China

What does this have to do with anything? Pence getting ready to replace Trump when Trump resigns or is tossed out?


  • US vice president rips NBA and Nike in Thursday speech
  • Pence says league failed to adequately back Rockets GM

US vice-president Mike Pence accused the National Basketball Association of “acting like a wholly owned subsidiary” of China’s ruling Communist party for what he deemed the league’s failure to stand up for Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, whose tweet in support of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong caused an international rift.

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