Republicans propose mass student surveillance plan to prevent shootings

Spy on everyone and give backdoor key to Russia!


A new Senate bill would give a federally mandated boost to America’s growing school surveillance industry

Senate Republicans have a new plan for preventing mass shootings: require public schools to use surveillance technology to monitor students’ online behavior for signs of violence or self-harm.

A new Republican bill that claims “to help prevent mass shootings” includes no new gun control measures. Instead, Republican lawmakers are supporting a huge, federally mandated boost to America’s growing school surveillance industry.

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Donald Trump declares Syria ceasefire permanent and lifts Turkey sanctions

Why is the traitor then sending troops to Saudi Arabia? Is a Trump Tower promised there?


  • ‘Let someone else fight over this long-bloodstained sand’
  • US special envoy reports Turkish ‘war crimes’ to Congress

Donald Trump has announced that the US will lift sanctions on Turkey, taking credit for a ceasefire deal that should end Ankara’s attack on Kurdish-led forces – at the price of ending the Kurds’ dream of local autonomy.

The US president, who has come under withering criticism for abruptly withdrawing US troops – and paving the way for a deadly Turkish offensive against the Kurds – said on Wednesday that a “small number” of US troops would remain in Syria’s oilfields.

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Not even the PM’s narcissism can protect him as cracks show | Politics | The Guardian

His body language hints at betrayal and his eyes display the silent terror of a man who fears he’s in the process of being found out. Kidding himself that he actually believes in the thing that he knows to be untrue. Brexit is corroding what’s left of his integrity from the inside. He is the hollow man, bellowing against the dying of his sense of self. No longer capable of looking himself in the eye.

Source: Not even the PM’s narcissism can protect him as cracks show | Politics | The Guardian

Trump lifts Turkey sanctions, declaring success in Syria as Turkey and Russia fill void – Los Angeles Times

President Trump said on Wednesday that he would lift sanctions against Turkey, declaring success in Syria despite a global perception that America’s withdrawal from the region has been a victory for Turkey and Russia.

“The sanctions will be lifted unless something happens that we’re not happy with,” Trump said.
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