More scrutiny, but more H-1B visas approved

The US has approved a higher number of H-1B applications (both for initial visas and visa extensions for continued employment) this year, showing that the demand for these work visas continues unabated. This is a relief to Indians, who are the dominant holders of H-1B visas, especially after processing regulations got more stringent post-2015 .

America’s Former Allies in Syria Team Up With Damascus Government – The New York Times When Traitors rule – they Make America a Chump

The Turkish incursion has killed scores of people, and left Kurdish fighters accusing the United States of betrayal for leaving them at the Turks’ mercy. That is what led them to strike the deal with Damascus, which said on Sunday that its forces were heading north to take control of two towns and to fight the “Turkish aggression.”

‘Up to his neck in dirty money’: Dems demand to know who’s paying Rudy Giuliani

‘Up to his neck in dirty money’: Dems demand to know who’s paying Rudy Giuliani:


The Daily Beast reports that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) is demanding that the former New York mayor explain who has been funding his overseas adventures to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, since Giuliani isn’t a government employee and he says he isn’t being paid directly by Trump.

U.S. Forces Leave ‘High-Value’ ISIS Detainees Behind in Retreat From Syria – The New York Times

ISIS has already claimed responsibility for at least two attacks since the start of the invasion, including one car bomb in a border city, Qamishli, and another on an international military base outside Hasaka, a regional capital further to the south.

Trump Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight – LA Progressive

The one weak point in Trump’s brand has been his tax returns. Trump has been defending from the very beginning having to release them. If you’ve noticed, anytime Congress,  New York prosecutors or anybody else gets close to his “my taxes are under audit” excuse he gets a team of lawyers to fight it. Hiding those taxes are the bulwark of his claim to being a billionaire. And when his true worth is exposed, he will likely be revealed as a fraud, a scammer and a tax cheat who owes his “success” to the Russian mafia or worse some foreign potentate in Saudi Arabia. And suddenly his brand won’t mean much, if anything.

Source: Trump Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight – LA Progressive