The Launch of Fire Drill Fridays – Jane Fonda

Speaking today at the launch of Fire Drill Fridays. 17-year-old Jerome Foster 11, who has been striking for Climate every Friday in front of the White House. Left to right: Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, me, Naomi Klein and Annie Leonard, head of Greenpeace USA With me granddaughter, Vasser Turner Seydell Vasser, being arrested…her first time Me being arrested…not my first time It was a grand launch. The weather was perfect. All the speakers were wonderful, the press coverage was awesome. White plastic “handcuffs” were put on each of us, we were taken to the nearby police station for a few hours. The plastic handcuffs hurt more than the metal ones and I discovered that it’s not easy for an 82-year-old to get in and out of a police paddy wagon without the use of her hands. All the police women and men were super polite and nice. There were about 16 of us all together, divided into 2 cells with the doors left open. We used the time, a few hours, to organize and plan. Then we each paid $50 (Fire Drill Friday provided the funds for those who didn’t have) and were released. We then walked to a nearby coffeehouse and debriefed. This has all come together very fast. I only moved to D.C. 2 w

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