U.S. could penalize Turkey if it acts ‘inhumanely’ against civilians in Syria

Spin – there is no one that Trump will not throw under the bus to serve his needs, whims and to cover his butt! The United States will take penalizing action against Turkey if it engages in any “inhumane and disproportionate” moves against civilians during its incursion into northeastern Syria, a senior State Department official said on Thursday.

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Don’t start ‘wage war’ for workers, top executive warns, raising antitrust fears

Fix wages to boost profits? Backwards capitalism?


Exclusive: As US job market tightens Bechtel senior vice-president appeared to urge companies not to compete on salaries, arousing ‘real wage-fixing concerns’

A top executive at a petrochemical plant visited this summer by Donald Trump called on his industry not to fight a “wage war” for workers, in remarks that raised antitrust concerns with labor advocates and legal experts.

“Just driving up wage rates and focusing only on monetary attraction as a solution has impacts that outlast our projects long after they’re built,” Paul Marsden, a senior vice-president of Bechtel, which is currently building the Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals plant in Potter Township, Pennsylvania, said at an industry conference on 20 June. “But as an industry, my ask is that we’ve got to think broader than this.

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