Women and children expected to ‘break out’ from al-Hawl camp


Isis sleeper cells are believed to be ready to attack Kurdish guards and free people inside

Women and children in the largest Islamic State detention centre in Kurdish-controlled Syria are expecting to be freed in the wake of a Turkish assault on the area, according to people inside the camp.

Al-Hawl, home to about 60,000 women and children with links to Isis and 10,000 displaced civilians, has been tense since Donald Trump announced US troops would leave the area at the weekend, paving the way for the Turkish attack on Wednesday.

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Pompeo says China’s treatment of Muslims ‘enormous human right violation’: PBS interview

But if they give on economic issues, they will be good guys again – lol. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a television interview on Wednesday that China’s treatment of Muslims, including the Uighurs, in western China was an “enormous human rights violation” and Washington will continue to raise the issue.

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Republican Gowdy, who pushed Obama on Benghazi, joins Trump impeachment defense

Good choice – he always found lying and leaking as his second nature! What a rotter! Former U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy stepped into a familiar role on Wednesday when President Donald Trump tapped him to join his outside legal team to help battle a Democratic-led impeachment inquiry: conservative battering ram.

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Boris Johnson’s father praises Extinction Rebellion ‘crusties’


Stanley Johnson tells London protesters they have ‘exactly the right things in mind’

The prime minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, has told a crowd at Extinction Rebellion’s London demonstrations that he backs their methods and is proud to call himself an “uncooperative crusty”.

Johnson was responding to a question about comments made by his son, Boris, who on Monday called environmental protesters occupying sites across Westminster “uncooperative crusties” in “heaving hemp bivouacs”.

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Turkish troops advance into Syria as Trump washes his hands of the Kurds


  • Civilians flee as airstrikes and artillery hit border region
  • Trump on Kurds: ‘They didn’t help us in Normandy’

Turkish troops have advanced into north-eastern Syria, following airstrikes and artillery barrages aimed at US-backed Kurdish forces who control the region.

The Turkish military confirmed on Wednesday it had “launched the land operation into the east of the Euphrates river” and later said it had hit 181 “militant targets”.

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Matt Lauer Insists He’s the Real Victim

Him and Trump – ROTFLMAO – POS duo! qblqpo3bot5ujmb8uj62.jpg

This morning, Matt Lauer wrote a 1,300-word letter defending himself from an allegation of rape, a document that makes for a phenomenal case study in how a powerful man can turn himself into a victim. The letter follows the release of excerpts from Ronan Farrow’s upcoming book Catch and Kill, in which former NBC News…

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