Mr. Trump, Who’s Your Daddy?

All these years I have been laboring under a false concept that the US was the most powerful country in the world and others would do as we say……but in recent days under the Trump leadership the US is a slave to Saudi Arabia……especially in the aftermath of an attack on the KSA refinery.

I say this from a Tweet I got on Saturday morning…..

JUST IN: Pentagon to will deploy additional troops and military equipment to Saudi Arabia: “In response to the Kingdom’s request, the president has approved the deployment of U.S. forces, which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense.”

So now the Saudi royals dictate our foreign policy, right?

Defense Secretary Mark Esper says Trump has approved the deployment already, and that it will be focused primarily on air and missile defense systems, at the request of Saudi Arabia.

This has been a major concern for Saudi Arabia. Even though they have the third most expensive military in the world, behind only the US and China, their defensive systems have proven unable to fend off drones and many missiles fired from neighboring Yemen.

The expectation is that the US will be sending more air defense batteries to the area to try to fend off future attacks. Whether or not that’s actually going to work is a huge if, however, since the US has been selling the Saudis their top-of-the-line gear in the first place. It didn’t work for the Saudis, so the question is if adding more of it will make it any more successful.

The US has been investing substantially in trying to improve anti-drone capabilities in recent years, finding that their existing anti-aircraft arsenal is neither cost effective nor super capable against the much smaller, cheaper drones coming into fashion.

Saudi and US officials continue to try to blame the Saudi attack from last weekend on Iran, and are presenting the US deployments as being an attempt to counter Iranian capabilities.


I realize that he Saudis have a strong hand in the US government and policies but when did they start actually making our policy for us?

September 14th, two oil refineries and other oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia were hit and set ablaze by 18 drones and 7 cruise missiles, dramatically slashing Saudi Arabia’s oil production by half, from about ten million to five million barrels per day. On September 18, the Trump administration, blaming Iran, announced it was imposing more sanctions on Iran and voices close to Donald Trump are calling for military action. But this attack should lead to just the opposite response: urgent calls for an immediate end to the war in Yemen and an end to US economic warfare against Iran.

The question of the origin of the attack is still under dispute. The Houthi government in Yemen immediately took responsibility. This is not the first time the Houthis have brought the conflict directly onto Saudi soil as they resist the constant Saudi bombardment of Yemen. Last year, Saudi officials said they had intercepted more than 100 missiles fired from Yemen.

Will Americans Let Trump Start a War for Saudi Arabia?

That is the overwhelming question…..will we Americans allow Trump to start another war?  Another war that we will not win regardless of the immature boast by the president.

Will Americans Let Trump Start World War III for Saudi Arabia and Israel?

Think about it…Pompeo had to rush to KSA to “confer” with MbS after the attack…..did he get his instructions from the new masters of US foreign policy?

Americans might want to pay attention for now……Dancing With The Stars will not get your loved ones killed……please remove heads from butts!

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