Washington’s great mystery: Trump’s affinity for Putin and populists baffles experts


President’s approach to foreign policy, from defending his Russian counterpart to supporting Bolsonaro after he rejected aid, has experts sounding alarms

Days after Donald Trump returned from another contentious encounter with his fellow G7 world leaders, a Kremlin-backed TV channel painted a derisive picture of his overtures to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

Likening the US president’s staunch defense of his Russian counterpart to a tortuous love affair, the channel aired a mashup in which Trump’s speeches were pieced together to form the lyrics of Señorita – a summer ballad performed by the US pop stars Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

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India: almost 2m people left off Assam register of citizens

India nationalism become its modern fascist self – sad end to Indian democracy.


Rights groups warn of possible humanitarian crisis as those left off list face statelessness and detention

Almost 2 million people in north-east India face the threat of statelessness and detention after they were excluded from an official list designed to root out illegal immigrants.

Security was heightened in the border state of Assam on Saturday, as millions of people waited for the final release of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) – a major bureaucratic exercise that rights groups warn could create a humanitarian crisis.

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Trump tweets photo of Iran rocket site and says US ‘not involved’ in failed launch

Does he have an absolute right to give information to Russia and China that compromises our safety? Congress – do you have an answer?


US president’s release of high resolution photo raises concerns over disclosure of classified information

President Donald Trump has released a photograph of an apparently failed Iranian rocket launch and said the US had nothing to do with it, prompting concerns he disclosed classified information.

Tehran has made no official comment on the indications from aerial photos that a rocket exploded on Thursday on the launch pad at the Semnan Space Center in northern Iran.

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Trump Iran photo tweet raises worries about disclosure of U.S. surveillance secrets – Reuters – cannot be trusted with secrets – what has he given to Putin or “leaked” for others benefit for his ego?

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday posted on Twitter a photo of what appeared to be the site of a failed Iranian satellite launch, raising questions about whether he had disclosed U.S. surveillance secrets.

Source: Trump Iran photo tweet raises worries about disclosure of U.S. surveillance secrets – Reuters