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Their hatred was more important than their own health. Stacey Abrams certainly made Medicaid Expansion in Georgia as a main part of the platform that she ran on, yet, they let the crook and thief into office. I want to feel bad that these people were suckered, but, I’m past that point, cause it didn’t have to be this way.

Source: Open Thread | Rural Hospital Scam | 3CHICSPOLITICO

a few major health insurance companies got suspicious, as did some government officials. How could Unionville, Mo. — a town of 1,790 — generate $92 million in hospital lab fees for blood and urine samples in just six months? Why had lab billings at a 25-bed hospital in Plymouth, N.C., nearly tripled to $32 million in the year after Perez’s company took control?
The lab billings, insurers alleged, were simply fraudulent. Blue Cross Blue Shield and other insurers started filing lawsuits, stopped making reimbursements and shut off the spigot.