Nigel Farage attacking Prince Harry is like the angry man ranting on a bus | Zoe Williams


The Brexit party leader seeks attention by spouting ever greater nonsense. We should not be drawn in by his attempt to polarise

The sociologist Will Davies, describing the lesser-remarked conundrum of the Boris Johnson prime ministership (would the hardliners who anointed him ever be satisfied with any Brexit?), borrowed a phrase from American politics: asymmetric polarisation. It is an elegant, economical way of saying “the other side has gone bananas”, which is funny because it’s true.

Let’s park the litany of examples for a second to concentrate on Nigel Farage. He appeared at a rightwing gathering in Australia on Saturday night – you could tell it was “alternative” because journalists were barred – and laid into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in a way that was somewhat astonishing, but mainly completely bats.

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