‘Oh my God, what I did say?’ How Justin Trudeau learned to deal with Donald Trump

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The moment Donald Trump slapped tariffs on Canada’s steel imports was the moment Justin Trudeau realized he couldn’t take U.S. president at his word. That hard lesson in the new reality of the Canada-U.S. relationship and several others learned by the prime minister are outlined in a new book by the CBC’s Aaron Wherry.

Trump administration defends Ice raids and says timing was ‘unfortunate’ | US news | The Guardian

He said Sunday on CNN: “I understand that the girl is upset. And I get that. But her father committed a crime.” <So that made it ok, somehow, to punish her? What? What kind of monsters have we become?>

Source: Trump administration defends Ice raids and says timing was ‘unfortunate’ | US news | The Guardian

Shackles and restraints used on hundreds of deportees from UK

British racism is alive and well = sad

David Lammy MP says ‘chilling’ figures reveal abuse of power by authorities

Hundreds of people deported from the UK were restrained by a variety of methods including shackles, the Guardian has learned.

There were 447 cases where one or more forms of restraint were used between April 2018 and March 2019. Information on restraint using rigid bar handcuffs, leg restraints and waist restraint belts was provided to the Guardian in a freedom of information response.

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Caroline Lucas calls for emergency female cabinet to block no-deal Brexit


Green MP urges 10 top female politicians to form cabinet of national unity to deliver fresh referendum

The Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has thrown down the gauntlet to 10 high-profile female politicians over blocking a no-deal Brexit, proposing a cabinet of national unity including Labour’s Emily Thornberry, the Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson, and the former Conservative cabinet minister Justine Greening to seek legislation for a fresh referendum.

In an extraordinary proposal that will be viewed with scepticism by rival parties, Lucas offered to broker a deal with female MPs from all the main political parties in Westminster, as well as the SNP’s leader, Nicola Sturgeon.

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Imran Khan likens inaction over Kashmir to appeasing Hitler

spot on!


Pakistan PM remarks come as tensions rise over India’s removal of special status

The Pakistani prime minister, Imran Khan, has likened the Indian government to Nazis, warning that global inaction over Kashmir would be the same as appeasing Hitler.

His comments came as authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir reportedly reimposed some curfew rules in parts of the territory, following an easing of restrictions in Srinagar, the region’s main city, that had allowed people to visit shops over the weekend and attend Friday prayers.

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Brexit was becoming a farce. Now it is turning into a coup | William Keegan


Johnson may have come to power by legitimate means, but his language and actions in No 10 have been disturbing indeed

I continue to recommend re-reading Joseph Heller’s great novel Catch-22 for those of us who want to avoid being driven crazy by this Brexit farce.

As we are told that the cabinet is operating on a “war footing” and that frantic preparations are made for the austerity and hardship that would follow no deal, my mind goes back to the shortages I witnessed as a small boy during and after the second world war.

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