Waitress Waiting

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A waitress waits for her customers
Waitress Waiting © 2019 Garry Knight

The waitress steps out of her door and walks to where her customers are sitting. They’ve nearly finished their drinks; are they ready to order? They seem more interested in talking than choosing from the menu. “Can you give us five minutes?” “Yes, OK.” She walks back and steps in through the door. A few seconds later, she emerges again, and takes up her position by the door, where she is out of the way but can see and be seen. She waits. Now is my moment.

A little under a month ago, I asked what it is that makes a good photo. And I said that, “for me, the three principles of encapsulation, orientation, and colour-toning are all present in a photo that I consider to be good.” Not just present, but used well. And while they’re necessary, on their own they’re not…

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It’s no time to play parliamentary poker. Let the people decide on Brexit | Sadiq Khan


Sadiq Khan gives a damning verdict on his predecessor as London mayor, Boris Johnson, as cliff edge approaches

When he became prime minister, Boris Johnson had a huge opportunity, and responsibility, to reunite our divided country. As the figurehead of the Leave campaign in the Brexit referendum, he was uniquely positioned to reach out to the 48% of us who voted to remain in the European Union and who have been ignored by the government ever since.

Johnson could have persuaded the most extreme Brexiters in his party that they should compromise with those who voted to remain. There are many young, urban and ethnic minority communities across Britain who are terrified about the future. Johnson could have chosen to use his position as the new prime minister to heal the divisions that have gripped us rather than widen them.

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Boris Johnson pledges to extend police stop and search powers

Your papers please or we will tase and lock you up if you don’t look like a white Brit!


Prime minister also announced creation of 10,000 more prison places at a cost of £2.5bn

Boris Johnson has said he is determined to tackle rising levels of knife crime by announcing an extension of police stop-and-search powers.

At the same time, the prime minister announced the government would be investing £2.5bn in creating 10,000 new prison places to ensure serious violent and sexual offenders got the sentence they deserved.

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