Serena Williams pays tribute to ‘little powerhouse’ Halep after final defeat

• ‘It was just her day,’ says disappointed Williams
• American admits her fitness has not been ideal

Serena Williams denied that nerves or the pressure of chasing down Margaret Court’s record of 24 grand slam titles had anything to do with her stunning 6-2, 6-2 Wimbledon defeat by Simona Halep.

Williams looked far from her best as she sprayed 26 unforced errors compared with only17 winners against Halep, and the American has now lost three grand slam finals since winning her 23rd major title at the Australian Open in 2017.

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‘Worry is contagious’: the vaccine-hesitant parents putting children at risk


More than committed anti-vaxxers, parents who are unsure about vaccination are one of the top 10 threats to global health this year. What’s behind this crisis of confidence?

My son had his first vaccination within hours of entering the world. In the London borough where he was born eight years ago, tuberculosis rates ran high. When a nurse appeared at my hospital bed bearing the BCG vaccine, I offered my red and roaring baby without a moment’s hesitation.

Since then, he and his sister have had every inoculation going. I proffer them up, willingly and gratefully, to each needle and nasal spray, unwavering in my belief in the scientific consensus that they are safe, effective and essential public health tools.

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