Brett Gadsden on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Busing & Segregation

The most widely discussed moment from last week’s Democratic primary debates was Kamala Harris’s pointed critique of Joe Biden’s defense of southern segregationists and his stance toward busing. That encounter—in which Harris shared her own story of being a young girl bused from her working-class neighborhood on the majority-black side of town to a predominantly white school in Berkeley Hills, and in which Biden appeared visibly flustered and defensive—has set off a round of media coverage and conversation about desegregation efforts more broadly and busing in particular.

Source: Brett Gadsden on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Busing & Segregation

“Charter schools were/are the answer to busing and integration. The first charter school were suburban and white along with Catholic schools that als started getting public money for text books. Now charter schools are also just a way to profit off of racism in general. As money gets sucked out of public schools, even Black-Americans are conned into sending their children to “academies” that claim to offer better education than the public school and are just “coincidently” is pretty much segregated.”