Trump has a new favourite news network – and it’s more right-wing than FOX

Fasciste want puro Fasciste!


The US president has started giving plaudits – and access – to One America News Network, an obscure TV outlet that can outfox Fox

Donald Trump and Fox News are said to have one of the strongest marriages in political showbusiness. But there is a young rival hoping to outfox Fox and catch the US president’s wandering media eye.

The obscure One America News Network (OAN) makes up for its lack of clout or viewers by covering every Trump utterance, recycling conspiracy theories, downplaying Russian threats, bashing the mainstream media and championing the “Make America Great Again” agenda.

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Pilots reveal safety fears over Boeing’s fleet of Dreamliners


Company admits that fire extinguisher switch has failed a ‘small number’ of times

Airline pilots have voiced fears over the safety of a fleet of Boeing aircraft after a crucial fire-fighting system has been found to have the potential to malfunction.

Boeing has issued an alert to airlines using its flagship B787 Dreamliner, warning that the switch used to extinguish an engine fire has failed in a “small number” of instances. The switch also severs the fuel supply and the hydraulic fluid to prevent flames spreading.

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The Stephanopoulos Interview Is Another Fine Mess for Trump

Making believe everyone is as slimy and traitorous as he is. Mucu of the GOP is sliming itself by not saying NO!. Traitor is as traitor does.


John Cassidy writes about the repercussions of President Donald Trump’s interview with George Stephanopoulous of ABC News, in which the President appeared to suggest that he would accept opposition research from foreign entities during the 2020 Presidential campaign without informing the F.B.I.