Tuesday Open Thread | We Are Americans

For all the talk about going back to Africa…

We are Americans.

I had a discussion with an international student during graduate school, about the way we were treated in this country. She was like, ‘why don’t you just move?’

I was like, ‘ why should I move? My ancestors built this country.’ And, as I replied to her, I felt it in my bones. We have been here almost a half a millenia. This is our home. You fight for your home.

And, the thought that you would take mofos over to Africa to ‘train them’…Phuck Outta Here.

After 2016, we are on alert in social media. We are already calling out those that would try and bring the bullshyt for 2020. Unlike others, we aren’t about following the shiny objects, so they are about Voter Suppression.

Pan-African State in the South? What kind of foolishness is this? They do not understand us – AT ALL.

They don’t even understand what ‘civil disobedience’ means to us, and the legacy of it in this country. The mess that they discuss down below has no connection whatsoever to us as a community and our history. And, the foolishness that they are talking about would stand out to us as absolutely bogus on every front, or be seen as an FBI COINTELPRO-Type plot. Being able to see through the foolishness, is how we have survived as a people in this country for 400 years.

Russian documents reveal desire to sow racial discord — and violence — in the U.S.

The revelations come as U.S. intelligence agencies have warned of probable Russian meddling in the 2020 election.

May 20, 2019, 5:54 PM CDT

By Richard Engel, Kate Benyon-Tinker and Kennett Werner

LONDON — Russians who were linked to interference in the 2016 U.S. election discussed ambitious plans to stoke unrest and even violence inside the U.S. as recently as 2018, according to documents reviewed by NBC News.

The documents — communications between associates of Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Kremlin-linked oligarch indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller for previous influence operations against the U.S. — laid out a new plot to manipulate and radicalize African Americans. The plans show that Prigozhin’s circle has sought to exploit racial tensions well beyond Russia’s social media and misinformation efforts tied to the 2016 election.


The documents contained proposals for several ways to further exacerbate racial discord in the future, including a suggestion to recruit African Americans and transport them to camps in Africa “for combat prep and training in sabotage.” Those recruits would then be sent back to America to foment violence and work to establish a pan-African state in the South, particularly in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

There is no indication that the plan — which is light on details — was ever put into action, but it offers a fresh example of the mindset around Russian efforts to sow discord in the U.S.

The blueprint, entitled “Development Strategy of a Pan-African State on U.S. Territory,” floated the idea of enlisting poor, formerly incarcerated African Americans “who have experience in organized crime groups” as well as members of “radical black movements for participation in civil disobedience actions.”

The goal was to “destabilize the internal situation in the U.S.”


One of the writers at The Root.Com wrote about this topic:

First of all, how was this race war semester abroad in Africa was supposed to work? Did they think black people were going to trust some oily-haired Russian motherfuckers? After serving years as both an amateur and a professional black person, I can tell you that black people don’t distinguish between Russians and regular, riding-on-the-passenger-side-with-their-bare-foot-hanging-out-of-the-car-window whites. I doubt if some niggas from Compton and Baltimore are going to embark on a trans-Atlantic trip because some guy named Sergei promised AK-47s and liberation. We fell for that one before. You know what they say:

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you might catch these hands.”

Yes, this about sums it up for me.

My favorite comment to the article, because it was so much the truth:

KC Complains A Lot

5/22/19 1:23pm

Black people don’t want a race war. We just want to be allowed to live in peace and not be bothered by nosey ass, triflin’ ass white people.

New Wakanda would be a Utopia if only because there would be a few big laws that governed the country.

1.) Mind ya damn business.

2.) Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.

3.) Talk shit, get hit.

White folks are the ones constantly going on about starting race wars. And as Michael Harriot points out, THEY ALREADY LOST ONE OF THOSE. How do they think the second one would turn out?


WE are Americans. Period.