German parents face fine for refusing measles vaccination


Law would make vaccination mandatory for children in schools and nurseries

Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children against measles in Germany could be punished with fines of up to €2,500 (£2,130), according to a draft law presented by the health minister, Jens Spahn.

The law, which is set to come into effect from 1 March 2022 if it passes through parliament before the end of this year, would make vaccination against measles mandatory for all children attending nurseries and schools, as well as teachers, educators and medical staff at hospitals and surgeries.

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Mongolian couple die of bubonic plague after eating marmot


Six-day quarantine declared in region, preventing tourists from leaving

A Mongolian couple have died of the bubonic plague after eating raw marmot kidney, triggering a quarantine that left tourists stranded in a remote region for days.

The ethnic Kazakh couple died on 1 May in Mongolia’s westernmost province of Bayan-Ulgii, which borders Russia and China.

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Outcry as Turkey orders rerun of Istanbul mayoral election

Caliph wannabe cannot tolerate democracy


Erdoğan’s successful bid to overturn vote is ‘plain dictatorship’, says CHP party

Turkish authorities have scrapped the result of a vote for Istanbul mayor that was lost by the candidate backed by the president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in response to calls by his AK party for a rerun.

In a move that hit the lira and drew opposition accusations of “dictatorship“, the high election board (YSK) ruled that a fresh Istanbul mayoral contest must be held on 23 June.

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Gaza and Resistance as life



Once again, a massive invasion strikes Gaza, without differentiating between a tunnel and a ten story building. An attack that strikes to kill, not distinguish between a militant and an infant or even an unborn child.


Once again, the aggressor becomes the defender. The victim becomes the one to be blamed.

Israel with its brutal face, continue to kill. To prove yet once again that the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians will never seize to end.

While we busy ourselves with condemning the Palestinians for Resistance. Needless to say, responding to the nonstoppable invasions and aggressions under a massive siege and a vicious blockade. It is always the Palestinians to be blamed.

As the world, once again is watching live killing and strikes that continue to kill and threat almost two million people under a devilish reality of occupation. Gazans continue to pay the price of life under occupation.

Israel real face insists on surfacing each time, a cruel reality that fulfills itself with destructions and killings of the “others” .

And yet, Gaza with its heroic resistance, insist on teaching us all- those who perceive the human race as one- that resistance becomes life when life is a constant threat in living.